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Another look at File Associations for PA

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Another look at File Associations for PA

I was looking for a way to associate portable apps with file types in Windows, both to make the portable app the default program to open that file type and add the portable app as an option in the right-click "Open With..." context menu.

I found several previous discussions saying doing so will "break portability" because it would leave traces behind after the app is closed. However, Portable Apps already can add shortcuts and automatically launch apps on startup, which must also leave behind traces.

Does anyone feel like the PA app itself could manage file associations and "Open With..." in a similar way? Perhaps when PA is opened it creates the associations (if set by the user) and when PA is closed the association is removed?

The PortableRegistrator project over on GitHub might have most of the code already. I wish I knew coding...I would help.

This would be a great leap forward in usability because it is often so much easier to start from the file rather than start from the app.