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Avast issue: BabelPad can't be installed using PAF file

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Avast issue: BabelPad can't be installed using PAF file

When Avast antivirus is active, BabelPad can't be installed using PAF file, although automatic Updater can update it.

When installing using PAF file (with Avast active), it stops on "Downloading Babel Pad", "Connecting" and after a while an error message pops: "The installer was unable to download BabeIPad. The installation of the portable app will be incompleta without it. Please try installing again. [ERROR: SendRequest Error]".

Both updating thru automatic updater or deactivating Avast and installing using PAF file worksperfectly.

I know it's not a PortableApps issue, I'm posting it because I think it may help others with same problem or maybe with others portable programs and/or antiviruses program.

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False Positive

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