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PA.c Platform Installer Introduction/License - Help Wanted

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PA.c Platform Installer Introduction/License - Help Wanted

The next stable release of the Platform will support showing the intro message and source code offering and license in the language the user selects the during installation. So, I'd like to get translations of it into as many supported languages as we can.

Welcome to the Platform. Thank you for installing our software. Please spread the word and share it with others.

If you like our software, and you are able, please make a donation:

A source code version that you may use, modify, and distribute is available to you free of charge from under various open source software licenses. contains software under various licenses from different publishers. In addition to works made available under The GNU General Public License (GPL), The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License and other open source licenses, this package contains trademarks, trade dress, themes and images licensed by for use in this package. This license does not grant you any right to use the trademarks, service marks or logos of or its licensors.

In English:

I'll add the English paragraph afterwards. Please post here. Thank you!

The following translations have been completed and are included: Arabic, Bulgarian, English, EnglishGB, French, Greek, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian

The following translations are using a machine translation: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Spanish, and Spanish International.

The existing translations used in 28.0.1 can be downloaded here: