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CDex & Adware

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CDex & Adware

I've been having trouble with CDex not updating properly from the PortableApps (v27.0.1) "Check for Updates" button, but wasn't overly worried. This morning, I noticed a notification from my installation of Malwarebytes saying it blocked another RTP "Adware" event of CDex attempting to contact (IP Address: on port 80. While this might be an innocent attempt to update the software, it seems to be the only Portable App to update in this manner. With so many cybersecurity problems these days, and this behavior being "out of scope", I decided to just uninstall CDex and use other software.
I have posted in General Discussion because Malwarebytes is also stating that the file that is being used is "PortableAppsUpdater.exe". Again, this might be innocent, but this is the only app doing this, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of the community. I have changed the file name to "PortableAppsUpdater.exe.bak" for now. If the forum moderators feel that this post should be in "Music and Video", please move it.
Any advice would be graciously appreciated.

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