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Ansel - a Darktable fork

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Ansel - a Darktable fork

Ansel is an open-source photo-editing software for digital artists, designed to help you achieve your own interpretation of raw digital photographs.
It's a fork of Darktable 4.0 (asnd it's compatible with this), but not with the following versions.
It's light against Darktable: installer is 83.6 MB instead of 116.00 MB.
Differences are explained in this post:

Features of Ansel against Darktable
- fast
- easy to use
- no cryptic commands
- command line
- for photobgraphers and not for programmers

• web site:
• supported file formats:
• direct download installer:
• GitHub project page:
• License: GPL v3.0
• only 64 bit version
• installer size: 83.6 MB
• current version: 4.4
• release of last Stable: December 9, 2023
• Softpedia:


Not tested portability: probably same correction as Darktable.