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Thunderbird Portable to Thunderbird migration?

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Tim Chesnutt
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Thunderbird Portable to Thunderbird migration?

I have been happily using Thunderbird portable for some long time now (I see my membership here is 17+ yrs). In past years I did use it to travel with just a USB drive or a hard drive, but in more recent times, I am realizing I am now only ever on my PC, or on my own laptop, just plugging my drive into which ever I will be using at the time (PC at home and laptop to travel)

I was thinking with only these two computers, maybe I could revert to two installations of the standard Thunderbird and simplify my life by no longer shuttling the drive back and forth. My current email accounts are all IMAP: Gmail, Google workspace, and Protonmail accounts.

Part of me feels there is an advantage to keeping a single install (my current portable version of Thunderbird), where with two installations, if one wasn't used for for a month or more, it would have some updating needed when being opened up after a break. My single Portable version on the other hand is used multiple times each day, and is always current.

Another thought is that with my current set-up, in a true emergency, I can just grab my tiny hard drive on the way out the door and have everything with me no matter the situation.

It is a long time since I have had multiple installations of an email program, so what other considerations or advantages/downsides should I consider in thinking about making this change?

Ken Herbert
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As long as everything is IMAP

As long as everything is IMAP and you don't configure any of your email clients to delete on pull, you can use the same account(s) on any number of different email clients on any number of different devices and it all should just work without any problems.

If one of them does get left unused for a while there will be a bit of a wait for account sync, but that is the only issue really.

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