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Opera Developer Portable 108.0.5063.0

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Opera Developer Portable 108.0.5063.0

Hey guys, I just did it: I finished the tests a few hours ago. I managed to make a portable version of Opera Developer (the missing piece) based on the Opera GX as a template. As a portable app enthusiast and Developer version fan, it felt like completing a crucial quest! Please, John, this is not a self-promotion - this is a try to cover a long-time need. I made it for my personal use.

PortableApps doesn't officially offer a Developer version. It's understandable, different priorities and all. But if it's any help, I'd be happy to make it available to the community - and somebody else could give continuity to this work.

It seems to be working smoothly so far, but I'm open to feedback and testing from anyone interested.

Technical specs for the tech-savvy folks:

  • Opera Developer Setup: 108.0.5063.0 original (latest Chromium 122)
  • Template: Opera GX Portable 106.0.4998.61 by PortableApps (Chromium 120)
  • Extra resources: Opera (One) Portable 106.0.4998.70 by PortableApps (Chromium 120)

Important note: I kept all the original resources and assets intact. I added the tags "=Dev," "=One," or "=GX" to the end of some filenames for clarity. The core stuff (exe, DLLs, the whole deal) comes straight from the latest 32-bit Opera Developer original download (108.0.5063.0, freshly grabbed this morning from the Opera website).

The journey to portable Dev heaven:

  1. Unleashing the GX: I unzipped the PAF file of Opera GX Portable 106.0.4998.61 (also downloaded today), keeping the folder structure. Turns out the GX and Dev versions have a lot of things in common, even the licenses.

  2. Devolution time: I extracted the Opera Developer Setup 32-bit 108.0.5063.0 original, preserving the root folder structure.

  3. File swap: I meticulously swapped the older GX files with the fresh Dev ones, maintaining the same file & folder distribution as PortableApps releases. I created a dedicated "108.0.5063.0" folder under a new "App\OperaDev" folder. All three automatic updates were renamed with ".disabled=*."

  4. Transformation: Using FNR, I performed a text-based metamorphosis on most external names and internal text data (INI, XML, JSON, etc.):

    • "operagx" became "OperaDev";
    • "opera gx" turned into "Opera Developer";
    • "106.0.4998.61" evolved into "108.0.5063.0".
    • I left the binary files (executables, images, etc.) untouched.


  1. Dates in text files remained unchanged, so the Dev Portable version appears to have the dates as the last GX Portable release. The PortableApps help.html still shows the Opera GX info, but we can work on that;

  2. Except for the changes above, most of the PortableApps stuff remains unchanged - and the PortableApps link button is there in the Bookmarks Bar;

  3. I included the "106.0.4998.61" (GX) and "106.0.4998.70" (One) folders within the OperaDev folder for a seamless update experience;

  4. On the first run, Opera opened with a dark grey theme and greeted with an "Opera Developer was updated" tab instead of the "How did you hear about Opera" survey tab;

  5. These version folders also contain many assets and resources like themes (GX has a lot of dark ones), icons and images (One, GX, Dev), mojo.dll (One and GX), Opera GX splash (inactive), One & Dev Opera intro extension (active), different config files for start tabs, search engines, and so on, that users can customize just renaming the files and restarting the Opera Dev Portable;

  6. This Opera Dev Portable edition has the most updated executables and resources made available by Opera, such as localization language packs;

  7. I didn't make it into a PAF file - I think it is necessary for more tests before releasing.

  8. I am not experienced with license issues and such stuff - some patience is advised. If, in any case, this message goes against PortableApps policy, I sincerely apologize. Please let me know.

So, what do you guys think? Should I upload it somewhere and share the details? Let me know if you have any questions or feedback! Drop your questions or testing requests in the comments!