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LO 24: crash while edit options

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LO 24: crash while edit options

on LO 7.6 everythings working fine, but after updating to LO 24.2.0 I have trouble with edit the options. I try to edit the options under "extra" > "options". Then my system runs und runs and runs - nothing happens. Ok - I close the app manually. After restarting LO I got a message about the crashing. I choose "safe mode" and LO started. When running the "options" again, the app hangs again.
My first idea was a wrong java version, but I installed Java 1.8 in 32 bit from Oracle. (regular I use the java apps from zulu). It doesn't help...

Any idea's ???

Note: I installed the LO 24 in 64 bit as app on my machine and it works fine.