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Free and open source office suite similar to LibreOffice. I've seen a few people say this is better than LibreOffice and other similar options.

I've seen it mentioned in various places many years ago so I was surprised to see 0 results

* The desktop editors are distributed under the AGPL-3.0-only license for personal and commercial usage.
* Downloads
* Portable via AppImage (linux)
* Portable not planned for Windows (2023)
* Planned but no timeline (2017)
* Discussion
* FC Portables has one but the site seems sketchy.
* A working portable version?

John T. Haller
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Web App

From a quick look, it seems that ONLYOFFICE is a web app like Google Docs. The differences being that it's open source, you can host your own, and they provide a standalone desktop package of web app in an Electron/Chromium style setup. Weird that they don't just let you run it in your browser on its own.

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I think their collaborative,

I think their collaborative, hosted web app versions are how they make money to fund the project.

I'm not really sure what all their offerings are, and I haven't personally tried any. I only recently learned about them being a LibreOffice alternative in a discussion about them having tabbed view and Libre not.

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The Desktop Editors (cross-platform) are available from and Local installations can be used without any online account/subscription and I have not seen any ‘nag screens’. This is the way I tend use the editors on macOS for viewing/editing/exchanging MS Office for Windows documents as IME they appear to offer better compatibility with MS Office than LibreOffice, although they obviously do not allow access to the promoted Team collaboration benefits and features that seem underpin the paid online account services.

Some Linux distributions also make the Desktop Editor application directly available for download and I’m sure they wouldn’t be doing that if financial payment was seen to be a requirement for use.

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