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VSCodium Portable 1.86.2 Dev Test 1

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VSCodium Portable 1.86.2 Dev Test 1

Application: VSCodium
Category: Utilities

Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Code

Features: VSCodium is a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code.

v1.86.2 - x64 only

Download VSCodium 1.86.2 Portable Dev Test 1 [90.5MB download / 348MB installed]
(MD5: 2c7b2b45f74dab76f84512804d8fc540)
(SHA256: 5575eae078e13711c8e561cdf82197c06b5444ea18a3ae4728c0894ceb7ca26f)
(SHA512: 2ac0c4a7cba738b74384f63ec4aa4f0dbce6885bdddab9e4216da9bcb4e64d25c2dfe62cd91fd2332fa8dfbd95000a57ba97c3f067067819271bf7c19287c9b6)

v1.83.1 - last x86 compatible release

Download VSCodium 1.83.1 Portable Dev Test 1 [82.3MB download / 307MB installed]
(MD5: 8cd3a64b80a2262d500fa06e8c193fb0)
(SHA256: 71d96a80b001dbc4eb60a11189cff2ab60fabd4e07495f5314d6142af435f67e)
(SHA512: 005b568cf7d8f2c3217b1f5decc078a1fb8d36ef310908a58b14b7d9c6ce28475bf919818095bfd80a63dbb1f059693933ca8bfb89c5f6ef7e26de6361c5b9ac)