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QtEmu Portable 2.1.1 Dev Test 1

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QtEmu Portable 2.1.1 Dev Test 1

Application: QtEmu
Category: Utilities

Qt-based front-end for QEMU emulator.

Features: QtEmu is a graphical user interface for QEMU written in Qt. It has the ability to run virtual operating systems on native systems. This way you can easily test a new operating system or try a Live CD on your system without any troubles and dangers.

Download QtEmu 2.1.1 Portable Development Test 1 [16.8MB download / 57.1MB installed]
(MD5: 633d5f82b2c1cedb481b2d762e9926de)
(SHA256: 3e23bee12ec927793de17dd84d740f8f4230dcc17a10539d1422297aa06dd41c)
(SHA512: a6a10cdf47e7931834ea2900c0c29bcf2fdd448efc7e227b5c4b10545cda276144e755ddcbc9d16612c534bb749a530ff8a9b372337df373fb6e0902f64db7ee)