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How OFTEN to update WHAT?

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How OFTEN to update WHAT?

It is brilliant that the PA PLATFORM updates-as-soon-as needed.

Recently that has been "very frequent" ( = more than once in a month).

BUT should we also, at the same time, have to update PA apps that work perfectly well already?

WHAT am I suggesting? ... That the APPS menu is like this ...

* Check for Platform Updates
* Check for App Updates

You see the point?

Very best wishes

John T. Haller
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Apps vs Platform

If you have a given app you'd like to keep at a specific version, you can rename its app directory from AppNamePortable to AppNamePortableOld to prevent it from showing up in the updater. I'm going to add the ability to exclude in the platform itself in the future.

The platform updates are required before app updates as they often include small or large changes to the way updates are done in the app store. In particular, the app store and updater database were changed significantly in the last few months to handle different versions of apps for different versions of Windows (XP vs 10, 32-bit vs 64-bit, etc). I try to keep updates to at most once every week or two unless there is a bug that needs fixing faster. Platform updates should be relatively quick as it downloads a small, quick-install updater for existing platform users that will install much faster, especially on slower external drives... updating 41 files instead of the full installer with 969.

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