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Virtual Machine

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Blitz Rahmen
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Virtual Machine

hello, i would like to have an app for virtual machines
e.g. VirtualBox or VM-Ware
best regards (:

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this used to exist in number of versions, but not sure if all works still

but note, that due to the number of drivers you need administrative rights on the host system any way

I used to have things like this, but it was never really usefull

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Sandboxie Plus

there is an open source project hosted on GitHub:
• web site of Sandboxie-Plus:
• project:
• download page:
• changelog:
• MajorGeeks:
• Require Windows 7 or higher (8.1, 10 and 11)

This program can run in Portable mode (please read on Project details -> see above).

You can find a detailed recent (2024-03-15) tutorial on at this link:

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