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Nicegram App

We would like to submit our software for consideration on your platform. Below are the details and necessary information as per your submission guidelines:

Program Name: Nicegram
Current Version: 1.5.8 (App Store), 1.26.0 (Android)
Program/Company Website:
Download Link:
– App Store:
– Google Play:
License Type: Open Source
Program Icon:
YouTube Video Review:
PAD File Link: IPA : ; APK :
Description and Main Features:
The all-in-one Telegram client elevating your conversations!

Nicegram: Where messaging perfection meets professionalism. Immerse yourself in a secure and feature-rich Telegram client that makes your favorite messenger even more powerful, improved and AI-enhanced than ever before! From advanced features to AI assistance, we've meticulously crafted an app that surpasses expectations.

With a strong focus on privacy and security, Nicegram seamlessly incorporates Telegram's cutting-edge data encryption technologies to ensure your conversations remain secure and confidential.

Offering an exceptional range of features، tailored to enhance your messaging experience:

– Unlimited Accounts: Manage multiple Telegram accounts effortlessly, keeping your personal and professional communications separate and organized.

– AI Assistance: Let our intelligent virtual assistant streamline your messaging experience. Enjoy smart suggestions, unique text & image generation, and advanced equations' solutions.

– User Identity Management: Take control of your online presence with our Double Bottom, Nameless, View Registration Date and Show ID features. Whether you seek privacy or desire deeper insights, Nicegram provides the tools you need to shape your digital identity.

– Advanced Text Features: With Quick Replies, Built-in Translator, Instant Forward to Saved Messages, Nicegram Folders, and the ability to Hide Reactions, you have the power to streamline your messaging experience, save time, and personalize your interactions like never before.

– Bulk Actions: Boost your productivity with the ability to select and manage multiple messages simultaneously. Mention all users, archive, delete, or forward messages in bulk, making tedious tasks a breeze.

Nicegram is a cross-cultural community where you can participate in discussions, connect with like-minded people, explore educational content, and impact the messenger’s future. Unlock the full potential of Nicegram's premium tools such as AI Assistance, Mention All, and Built-in Translator with simple in-app purchases. Download now and experience messaging like never before!

Join our vibrant community and dive into the heart of our project's mission! Visit our website at, and connect with us on GitHub or Telegram to find out more. For further information visit our Wiki at

For any assistance or feedback, our dedicated support team is just a click away. Contact us at, and we'll be thrilled to assist you.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

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Nice.. But..

Nice.. But..

Looks like a mobile only app. Apps out here are Windows related Ok

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