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CrystalMark Retro

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CrystalMark Retro


Program: CrystalMark Retro 1.0.1

License: Freeware

Description: CrystalMark Retro is a robust benchmarking software designed to evaluate the performance of systems running on 64-bit (x64/ARM64) architecture. It supports multi-core processors and is available in over 48 languages, making it accessible to a diverse user base. With a single click, users can assess the performance of their CPU, disk, 2D graphics (GDI), and 3D graphics (OpenGL). Notably, CrystalMark Retro incorporates benchmarking code refined from CrystalMark 2004, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Moreover, the Aoi Edition offers a unique feature by providing a vocal assessment of benchmark results, albeit users are advised to adjust the volume accordingly.


Other: OpenGL benchmarks were contributed by koinec following CrystalMark 2004.

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