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Pidgin & OTR

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Pidgin & OTR

First, thanks for all these portable applications...

It would be a good idea to implement OTR directly in the release of the coming PortablePidgin. For a few reasons:

-It would first make otr more accessible and easy to use.So many people don't even know they can "privatise" their conversations.
A lot of people don't use otr or other because they think it's difficult to use, complicated. If implemented directly, this problem will disappear and more and more people will use it.

-The second reason is that I live and work in China and it will improve anonymisation especially when chating about sensitive subjects (which may not appear sensitive for you, people living outside the great firewall). Though I understand that not everybody may be concerned by this.
But I think private chating should be a rule.
(For the present time I'm using GaimPortable and the otr plugin.)

Please, democratize private chating and make it easy to use!

Thanks if you can do that...

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I would prefer a olution as

I would prefer a solution as with Thunderbird,
Two compilations, two download buttons. One with, one without OTR.

There is much to say to offer OTR as likely extension, the fact that you want to run the IM client portable means probably that you want to run it in an unsecure environment, hence more demand for OTR.

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