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Signal Portable 7.4.0 & Self Updater

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Signal Portable 7.4.0 & Self Updater

Believe I have this all correct. Packed the newest Signal into portable format. Since Signal needs to be updated somewhat frequently and will not run when the version gets too old, I suspect whoever has maintained past portable versions stop after a while.

I wrote a powershell script to grab the newest signal binaries from signals site, which then will update the portable app.

I didn't want to pack my own written updater in with the app, so I have them separated. Below is a download link for them, along with a pastebin for the update script.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to pack in 7z to that, is hard coded looking for it in program files. fixing now.

Edit: Fixed & added 7z which is needed to decompress the signal installers.
update script:

Last edit: On github