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Installing Apps: Agree Prompt Window Issue

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Installing Apps: Agree Prompt Window Issue

I'm not sure this is something that can be done, but is there a way to have apps that require the user to agree, to be the first ones installed when installing multiple apps via PortableApps > Apps > Get More Apps or when including apps to be installed when first installing PortableApps?
I ask because in the last few days I've somehow had the Agree prompt for Google Chrome end up behind the installer progress window twice.
Just now I sat for over 1.5hrs watching the progress window installing Google Chrome as the 6th of 9 programs I was installing.
I just now noticed in my taskbar there was a new icon and when I clicked on it, it was asking me to Agree to install Chrome. It was hidden behind the installer progress screen.
I use a two screen monitor and have had the PortableApps installer on one screen and have been doing everything on the other screen (ie, I didn't click on the installer screen or to bring it on top of the one asking me to Agree).
This then caused the installer to fall installing not only Google Chrome but the other 3 apps as well. Retry didn't work, nor did Abort because it couldn't write to the USB anymore. I eventually had to just pull the stick out and then when I put it back in I had to repair the USB before I could start PortableApps up again and install the apps.
This actually happened to me two days ago when I was trying to install PortableApps and the 9 apps on a different stick. Again the installer progress screen was up on one screen while I did other stuff on the other screen. Unfortunately I didn't notice the icon on the taskbar that time. I ended up just leaving it installing while I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning my computer had restarted. When I tried to access the USB, it wasn't working. I tried repair, and it got stuck and eventually crashed Win10 to a blue screen of death. When I restarted, Win10 wouldn't recognize the USB. I messed with the USB a lot, ended up reformatting, installed PortableApps again (alone, no other programs) and after taking the USB out and putting it back in, it still had issues. After trying multiple times to Repair the USB and reformatting the USB probably 2-3 times, in the end the USB seems to be done and not usable. I'm guessing this is because the USB was probably being accessed to try to write, waiting for me to Agree for hours on end (I'm totally not blaming anyone).
Anyway, the whole point of this email, is that if the programs that require the user to Agree were at the start, when I was paying attention this might not have happen....might not. Or if there is anyway to have the Agree prompt window open to the side of the installer progress window so that even if it loses focus, it can still be seen.
I have used PortableApps on and off for at least a decade and I love it (I wish more Apps would code a version for it), so thanks for creating it.
Hopefully there is something you can do to stop the EBKAC I did.
Wow, this is long, thanks for taking the time to read it.
I just made a donation to make up for your lost time.......

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Wouldn't Affect USB

When that license message is up, nothing is being written to or read from the USB drive. So, having the license agreement up for days wouldn't do anything additional to the drive.

As for the license, it could appear before if you were switching focused windows. It's a known issue (separate app and process) but will be addressed at some point.

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