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My request is for this audio player and manager
It's a java application

Patrick Patience
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Looks like a nice program.

Java's a downside, but John's made a fix for that.

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A fix for Java-based stuff?...

Say what? Really? Where?...

C'mon, fess up; and give us a linky or somesuch...

Hey, throw us a BONE, over heah, huh?...

/Brooklyn off

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Patrick Patience
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What I mean is what he's done with the latest beta of OpenOffice Portable (In the beta forums), and it can use Java under common files too. So once Java becomes open source, maybe John will consider more Java applications, and it will be easier for other people wishing to write there own applications which use Java.

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Any idea if this can be done or should it be forgotten? I don't mind waiting at all (still waiting for Miro - hint hint nudge nudge RM), just want to keep looking if it can't or will be too hard. Blum


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Ryan hinted he had a few

Ryan hinted he had a few portable apps in Java "ready to go" when the new stuff hits and the \Commonfiles\Java stuff becomes "officially launched" or whatever. Maybe he could give us a hint by sending me the source for one of his launchers and I could reverse-engineer it to launch this Atunes thingie.

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Ryan McCue
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3 Problems
  1. Java isn't formalised yet, so there's no point in writing a launcher for something that's likely to change
  2. Miro has a few bugs that I'd like to see fixed, since it would make maintaining and creating the portable version much easier
  3. I need to contact them about licensing and trademarks

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