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SAV7 AES Encryption

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SAV7 AES Encryption

We would like to submit the freeware SAV7 as a suggestion. The security tool for Windows enables files to be securely encrypted with AES-256 and also decrypted again. In contrast to other encryption applications, the application uses key files instead of a free choice of password. Additional functions allow data to be deleted after encryption in a secure process or an expiration date to be set, which prevents the data from being used after the set date even if the correct key is available. The tool recognizes manipulations to the encrypted file as well as to the key and thus securely prevents attempted attacks or manipulations.

The application is portable and can be run without installation. The extension with further languages (DE, ES, IT) is planned.

Freeware / Portable
Windows 10, 11 (32 or 64 bit)
Protects files reliably with a high security standard (AES-256)

Download link (portable version):