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App Updater Pop-up Prevents Windows Shutdown

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App Updater Pop-up Prevents Windows Shutdown

I'm curious if it would be possible to allow Windows to close the updater window as part of its shutdown procedure.

Case 1:
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open Portable Apps platform.
2. Click the apps button
3. Click Check for updates
4. Updater pop-up shows apps that have updates available
5. Go to Windows start menu, click the power button, and select shut down

Expected behaviour
The portable app updater window is closed, and Windows successfully shuts down.

Actual Behavior
Windows shuts down all other apps, but then displays "Waiting for apps to shutdown" window


Blocking shutdown makes sense if the updater is actively downloading or installing an app, but is cumbersome when the updater window is just displaying possible updates or showing the "Success" screen after updates are finished.

Windows 11 x64

John T. Haller
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Known, Close Before Shutdown

The PA.c Platform and all associated apps should be closed before you shutdown Windows. As the launchers (AppNamePortable.exe) and Updater/App Store are written in NSIS, they don't handle Windows shutdown messaging well.

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