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"Fire Vox": Screen Reader Open Source full compatible con Mozilla products

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"Fire Vox": Screen Reader Open Source full compatible con Mozilla products

Hello everybody,
I really want to thanks John and anyone who helps too!!!
I have been looking for something like the software JAWS for blind or visually impaired person, but obviously I'm looking for open source apps so I found "FIRE VOX" that it just work over mozilla products, but unfortunately not in the rest of Windows OS.
You can found Fire vox at
If you have read at JAWS you may notice that it is not open source and its not portable, because in fact it need to install some video plugin that make essencial to have Administrator rights over the computer, so lets forget about jaws and looks for something like FIRE VOX.
It is really a good first step to have "Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable 3.2.1 (Quick Test)" at
but Visually Impaired people really have to take care their eyes and have not to force too much reading a lot, so "magnifyng software" are just a part of their solutions, THEY REALLY NEED some apps that reads the screen or text on the computer,
SO I BEG for someone help to find some apps to make it portable.
I REALLY think that VI persons would make a lot with: "Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable" (thank also to the portuguess team who develoment it. homepage at ) because they can make a lot of task really tedious with just/only Screen Reader,
but it can't be a complete solution if you can't read aloud documents, text and books on the computers. Don't forget please that maybe something like "Fire Vox" at that read aloud webpages or emails will make them really feel that they can be part of the world of technology, acknowledgment, and actual world.
If you ask to any blind or VI person if they can buy JAWS U$ 895-1095, you will find that with lucky they will have not exactly the full program (FREE DEMO is complete function but it close after 40minutes of use it) but they don't have the opportunity anyway to use the program in public or not their home computers.
So anyone who have family, friends or just know people who are blind or VI, really realize that today there are NEW technology solution created especially for them that REALLY can help to live better, so it is REALLY A PAIN, unfair and an unfortunately fact to know that they don't have access to them.
For example microsoft mouse program intellipoint 6.1 have a good
magnifer function included, but again there is the problem that you have to install that software and use microsoft mouse to make it work, that is NOT PORTABLE AT ALL!!! do you konw?? I have a dream, not for me, for us:
"One day I weakup, took my "Visiual Impair mouse portable"
get into a coffe-internet or work office and just plugin my mouse
and start to work with my portable magnifer-screen-reader-voice-recognition
program (open source) included inside my mouse (mouse memory too)",
But today it's just a dream, really hope don't stay like that,
my old man said to me sometimes "always be realistic Juan, ask for the impossible".
I have hear that there was a "PORTABLE USB system launcher of MS program suite"
but 'cause all the troubles that Windows VISTA have made the project is standby, so for one hand good for John portableapps and U3. But anyway who would know what gonna be on it. Sureally not help for blind and Visually impaired person.
Ok, I think I have express my point.
Thanks in advance for anyone who could help to this very worth it group of human been that are very capable of make a lot of things if they could access to technology and also they will increase a lot their self-esteem
feeling to be again part of this world.

Best Wishes and Best Greetings
Juanka Contreras Wilcox
Latinamerican Psychologist Researcher

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