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This suite needs a podcast grabber

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This suite needs a podcast grabber

I wrestled with trying to get MyPodder/Podcastready to work with this...but no go. Created a folder as instructed from the help on this site, and yeah I get an icon in the launcher list for podcastready.exe, but when you click it....nothing. Nothing at all happens. Check the task list, and nothing is actually run. Not sure why it won't launch the podcastready.exe app from the PortableApps launcher, so I gave up and put it in the root of my USB thumb drive. Launches fine if I double click the exe.

I'd love to see MyPodder or some other similar/better podcast downloader app included or made portable. (like, truly a app, not an "unzip to a folder and hope it runs" kind of deal.)

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There is always the Portable Juice Launcher

Its a bit outdated though...

As all of ya should know Microsoft is the Evil Empire, and Windows (a.k.a. Winblows or Windoze) is their greatest general, so please make a difference and install Linux or Free BSD on yer Windows comp.

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I've installed myPodder next to PortableApps in the same Drive, all works well for me with the exception that I done't have the menu item for myPodder - i need to launch it from through Windows Explorer.


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