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X-Windows server app like XMing?

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X-Windows server app like XMing?

Hello world

Does anybody know of a portable X-Windows server app like Xming? I need to use one ASAP but the ITS people in my lab take 2 weeks to check out requested software. Please help!

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The page:

The comment on the page:

"Xming is the leading free unlimited X Window server for Microsoft Windows (XP/2003/Vista). It is fully featured, small and fast, simple to install and being standalone native Microsoft Windows, easily transported portable as a Pocket PC X server."

I have no personal knowledge of this software; just trying to move this request along.

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Second comment; Apparently,

Second comment; Apparently, Cygwin is a viable alternative since it is portable (if Xming isn't). I can't find anything that says whether Xming is stealth (Registry entries), but it does appear to be runnable from a removable device.

From a comment on a related (by Google) page:
"Actually it has the same goals as the Cygwin/X project: Provide an opensource xserver for windows. What are the main differences

* Xming does not depend on any external package while Cygwin/X is closely bound into the package structure of Cygwin.
* Xming installs everything in one directory. It does not install files everywhere in the filesystem. This makes it easier to install and to remove. On the other hand other programs can not take advantage of the shared installation.
* Xming does not depend on cygwin1.dll. This was a major problem for standalone installations of Cygwin/X. You can not have different versions of cygwin1.dll working together. Installing our version would break Cygwin itself and other programs which depend on cygwin1.dll. So we decided to offer no standalone version of Cygwin/X. Chris Faylor stated that this could be changed, but I'm not sure if it is worth the time.
* Xming is only the server. I have no plans to port all the client libraries and clients. If you want a full X11 installation on windows there is Cygwin/X. Or you can use Xming together with Microsoft Services for Unix (SFU). Both provide a UNIX environment on Windows.

My view on the topic is: Use Xming if you want just the xserver for remote usage or with SFU and CoLinux. If you want to use Cygwin anyway stay with Cygwin/X."

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I'm sorry, I fail to see the

I'm sorry, I fail to see the point of either XMing or CYGWIN. What would I actually DO with either on my thunb drive?

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I just use Xming, works

I just use Xming, works fine.

For the person who didn't know what it is, you prob don't need it! Smile

It's to connect to proper computers from Windows PCs - you use Putty to give commands at a text based level, whereas Xming can run applications with a GUI over the internet.

Very useful for when you are stuck at a Windows PC and actually want to get some work done. (or Nethack, depends on how much of a slacker you are!)

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