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3 freeware notekeeping program suggestions

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3 freeware notekeeping program suggestions

Something along the lines of one/each/all of these programs would be a great addition to the portapps suite.

Keynote -
screenshots -

Quicknote -
screenshots -

Stickies -
screenshot on main page


EDIT - found a few here
(including stickies)

Patrick Patience
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I'm working on A Note Portable currently, there's a bug right now apparently of the notes not opening, but its working for me, so I'm checking into it. A Note is also Open Source like all of the applications on this site.

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Stickies is already

Stickies is already portable. just install, and copy to your thumb drive.
BUT!!! dont forget to create a stickies.ini in the app folder so that it writes to that instead of the local machine.

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