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Safe Backpack

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Safe Backpack


A long time ago I read something about a super safe backpack. It had steel fiber woven into it so it couldn't be slashed by a pickpocket, locks on the zippers, and a lock built into the back so you could just lock it around a pole and walk away.

Anyways, I have no idea where I read that, and now I really want it. If anyone has any ideas on where to find it, I would greatly appreciate it. Now that I'm into videography, I'm trying to find a way to safely carry $500 camcorders and $300 microphones to school and around town. Not to mention $300 iPods and $100 cell phones...



Patrick Patience
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I'm sorry, never heard of that, but I just wanted to let you know I'm fairly sure I found a fix for the portable version of A Note I made, it's in the Beta forums and the topic is something like "A Note Portable [Test 4] - Note Taking Utility". I know that's nothing to do with this, but at the time, you were waiting for a new release, and now it's out.

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