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Ok so here's my issue I work in IT support for a large corp, using win2000 and Xp, the portable software has been a boon to my job and I am a big fan,,,,,But I am for my sins at home a linux user and will not change to using anything else. Is there a way i can get the ports to work on both systems as I have started using thunderbird and sunbird all the time, can use both on my linux box,

any idea's

John T. Haller
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Install Wine into Linux. Most of the apps will work pretty well under Wine, though the Mozilla apps will use the default fonts (I think you can install the Windows fonts into Linux, but I haven't done so myself). in Ubuntu, it's just a matter of adding it into your installed apps using Add/Remove. Other distros vary. Then just associated EXEs with Wine and you can double-click em. The Menu is designed to work within Wine.

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