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What would happen under these circumstance

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What would happen under these circumstance

I'm a new comer in portable apps development. I read the threads and some of the codes here, and I'm curious what would happen if the following things happened:
1. what if the user disconnected the USB-key before he end the portable application? In that case, i think the configure files and registry keys cannot be written back.
2. what if the machine suddenly crashed, for example if the power suddenly goes down. In that case, will the registry keys, folders and files be left on the host machine?

Thanks in advance.


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I believe one you probably answered yourself, they can't be written back.

And for number two, that's a good question. After the power failure, if the system can recover to it's previous state, you're probably okay, otherwise, probally same problem.

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Answer to your question

Answer to your question depends on implementation.
With all apps hosted here, everything is as you said. But it can be done in a different way - via virtual machine or something that could be called a semi-virtual one (doesn't interpret code to be executed but hijacks app's system calls). Such portable app has no impact on a host computer, it just convinces the app that some files / registry entries / ... exist, even if they actually don't. But it's far more complicated w/out proper tools. I know that Thinstall does more or less this thing, unfortunately I don't know any free (even cheap) tool that does this job.

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