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Seriously dodgy problem

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Colonel Buckshot
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Seriously dodgy problem

Firstly I am not happy posting this in the open forum I would have prefered a private email with the developer for reasons that will become obvious but as there is no email support here goes.

Portable apps menu CLOSES my F-prot anti virus real time protector DOWN on launch from my USB pendrive.

I am running F-prot for Windows version 3.16f on WinXP SP2 with all updates on an K7S5A based machine with 512Mb RAM and Athlon 1800XP CPU.

This is not an isolated abberation but occurs every time I launch Portable apps menu
either manually or from autorun. The security implications are obvious. In order to restore the AV protection it requires a system re-boot as it will no longer run.
The F-Prot on demand scanner is unaffected and shows a clean system.

Dave, aka Colonel Buckshot

John T. Haller
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F-Prot Issue / Virus

The menu does nothing but start up and scan through files on the drive it's launched from. If F-Prot is crashing, it's an F-Prot issue.

Unless of course you got your install infected with a virus. I'd HIGHLY suggest scanning your whole PC and portable device. Also, be sure you get your portable apps published by from here and check the MD5 sums to be sure you're getting a legit copy.

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