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Thunderbird Portable 2.0 Beta 2 almost perfect.

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Thunderbird Portable 2.0 Beta 2 almost perfect.

Hello and thank you all for all these portable apps.

Thunderbird Portable 2.0 Beta 2 works almost perfectly. The only problem is that it creates a folder named "Thunderbird" in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Thunderbird. I also connected my USB stick to other computers and the same thing, that folder is automatically created.

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Most of the apps here will

Most of the apps here will automatically create a folder in AppData or add a few registry keys, that is why John wrote the launchers for these apps, the launcher should remove these folders or registry keys when the app is exited, or backup and restore any settings that already existed on the PC. It is normal for this folder to be created, as long as the launcher cleans it up when you close Thunderbird, it isn't an issue

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John forgot to "tell" the launcher to delete that folder on exit.
I think he will fix it for the main release.
If you know NSIS, you could fix it and add the line to the launcher and recompile.
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Beta 2 works for me

I have used beta 2 for a while and I didn't have any issues. Today it wanted to auto update to So I let it. Now I am running Tbird 2.0 not beta on my USB key w/no issues so far! Granted, it creates that folder, but it doesn't store anything there...

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