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PAM and keeping it on the desktop.

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PAM and keeping it on the desktop.

After searching the forums for an hour, I found only one post about keeping the PAM open on the desktop and not having it go away like the windows start menu, but the replies were in the area of it's impossible.

SO I give you the situation that I am faced with, and maybe someone who is much more smarter on computers than I am can figure it out.

At my local library computers are available for use, and it is such a great service. BUT recently they have changed the security settings to where there is no, and I mean NO system tray to access the PAM from. The drive opens, and I can run all my portable apps, but when the PAM fades away, I have to go through the whole "my computer- portable apps drive- start portable apps menu" trouble to get to my programs again.

It would be SUCH a nice feature to be able to say "Stay on Desktop" to have ready access to the applications and features without having to bring it up like the start menu on windows every time.

SO if there is a setting hidden somewhere, or if anyone knows a work around, PLEASE let me know.

Thanks in advance.

OH, and I should mention that personally I think that Portable apps is probably the greatest thing to come alone in computing in a LONG time. To be able to take my most used core applications and settings and use them on any computer, well... I am in total awe of the whole thing. I only wish I was smart enough to figure out how to add to the project.


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I agree with you, PAM is

I agree with you, PAM is very good and I'm hoping the upgrades will be too! (hint)
But, given the library situation, until PAM can be modified to do what you want, I'd suggest you look at other portable launchers like ASuite and PStart (you will find mention of them in these forums) which have the option of not minimizing to the systray.

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