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Gaim for Mac?

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Gaim for Mac?

At school I use macs, I was wonderring if anyone knows of a potable gaim for Mac OSX if not does anyone have the equipment and talent to make it? It would really be appreciated. Also, any kind of IM Client for mac would be nice as long as it's portable.

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hey, i have noticed that

hey, i have noticed that there are few massive messengers for mac os, but they are existant.

here is the one i like best

now i dont think the app would be naturally portable, but then again i do not know for sure. i dont have any other macs to try it out on so i can really do anything about testing it and configureing it to make it portable. (not that i really could if i had the reasources)

Rob Loach
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Ported Portable Application Wrapper

The title seems a bit strange Wink .

I'm guessing the main reason for there not being any Linux or Mac portable applications is that noone really thought you'd be running from Linux/Mac computer to another Linux/Mac computer. The demand is very small (mainly just developers), but it pops up every once in a while. I'll have to do some brainstorming on this later.

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