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NagaSkaki - Can't see subfolders when run from menu

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NagaSkaki - Can't see subfolders when run from menu

I found this chess program that will run from my Drive if I execute the .exe by browsing to it's folder, but when I execute it from the PortableApps menu, it doesn't see the images folders that are at: "x:\PortableApps\NagaSkaki_4.00\images" from the error message I get, it's looking for the images file in the absolute folder of "x:\\images\" so I copied the images folder to the root of my drive and the program worked. So from this I must surmise that when PortableApps menu executes the file, it does so with a working directory as the root of the drive.

Is it possible to change this behavior?

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It is a bug

in the latest beta that the working directory is set to the root of the drive. At the moment, there is only one way around this "working directory bug":
go back to beta

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You can try making a

You can try making a launcher that sets the working directory to the proper folder when run, and then launches the program you want to run. I imagine everything needed to write such a launcher in NSIS is already implemented in many of John's launchers.

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SetOutPath "$EXEDIR\App\whatever"

will do it.
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Why not?

Why not WinBoard? it is already portable, and can be downloaded here in this page...

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