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i got d message that i have to update. but what version do i got then. your portable version or the larger not portable?

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That's the update warning on Firefox, ignore it. What I did was to disable it in Firefox options... check the main page and update when there is a new Portable version to update...

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If you have it switched on Firefox will check for updates periodically and prompt you with a warning that you should update it. You can let it update and it wont break your portable installation, just make sure you have 50 MB of FREE SPACE on your drive. Otherwise the update will fail and your settings can get screwed up.
You can wait for the latest version and unpack it right over your old one. All settings will be preserved and you don't need so much free space. Another advantage of the versions is that these updates are the only way to get improvements on the Launcher John may have done. Cause sometimes the built-in auto update messes with the portable installation, some people only use the versions.
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