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Can't Load Bookmarks

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Can't Load Bookmarks

I just discovered PortableApps tonight and I must say I'm pretty geeked about it. I've downloaded everything I need onto my OCZ Rally 2 4Gig USB drive and now I'm visiting this forum using my new Firefox Portable browser. This is too neat.

My only snag with it so far is I can't seem to port my bookmarks from my Firefox browser installed on my home PC. I have followed the instructions- "Copying Your Local Firefox Settings" -off the Firefox page on the PortableApps site (, but so far I have nothing.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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You can just import

the bookmarks manually by opening the bookmark manager and then click file->import.
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You left out half of the equation...

The above suggestion will work, but the source file is missing unless you nevigate to the local FF folder. The most foolproof way to do it is to manually export your bookmarks from the locally installed copy of FF first. So...

- Run the installed copy of FF
- Choose "Bookmarks" -> "Organize Bookmarks..."
- In the new window do "File" -> "Export" and save the default filename to your desktop
- Close out all running FF instances
- Launch FF Portable
- Choose "Bookmarks" -> "Organize Bookmarks..."
- Do "File" -> "Import" -> "From File..." -> "Next" -> Navigate to file on desktop and click on "Open"


As a bonus to yourself, copy the bookmark.html file to your USB media and you can open it in any browser (installed or portable) later on if you need to find a link (it's a webpage of links).

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Apparently not...

I followed the exact same import steps described above and still have the bookmarks.html file on my flash drive as well, but whenever I import the bookmarks to FFportable, the moment I shut it down I lose them, and thus have to import every time I open FFportable Sad

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Thanks for the great tips. I

Thanks for the great tips. I will try that first thing tomorrow when I get home.

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Simply copy

the bookmarks.bak & bookmarks.html files from your host Firefox installation in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\4kskopnn.default folder to the portable Firefox profile folder.

I use a data sync application to do this for me, which keeps my USB drives sync'd to my host computer on a daily basis; for work files I carry back & forth, Roboform data, KeePass or eWallet data, bookmarks, etc.


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