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Using Custom Builds of Firefox

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Using Custom Builds of Firefox

I installed Firefox Portable but since I normally use third-party builds, the speed difference between the two is very noticeable (more so than just the fact that it's running of a USB thumb drive).

I copied over the contents of my Firefox directory on my desktop into the FirefoxPortable/App/firefox folder on my thumbdrive and it works just fine.

My question is: by doing this, does Firefox portable still leave no traces of personal data? I only checked the directory Firefox puts new profiles in on my desktop (after moving my original profile) and it didn't create a new one. But are there other locations I should be checking?

I'd really prefer to stick to using custom builds as their faster (though compatibility is limited as it's geared for P4 class CPUs but that's ok for me use).

Thanks in advance!

Ryan McCue
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does Firefox portable still leave no traces of personal data?
It depends on whether that custom build uses a different profile directory, but it shouldn't. Therefore, Firefox Portable works just as well with custom builds and is still fully portable.
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