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Making SumatraPdf accessible

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Making SumatraPdf accessible

Hi all,

The curent version of the SumatraPDf software is inaccessible for me (I'm blind).
But I can use Adobe reader because of its Screen reader accessibility feature integrated in it.
If I wanted to use SumatraPdf it is because of its portability essentially and in order to replace the very heavy Adobe reader.
I would like to know if accessibility could be enhanced in SumatraPDF, or if it could be possible to use when installed, the Adobe PDf rendering engine to overcome this accessibility problem ?

John T. Haller
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You'd have to ask the developer of SumatraPDF. I didn't develop it, I just packaged so that the MRU list was portable and the settings are kept in the proper place to work with Backup.

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