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Firefox and Cruzer Contour Help

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Firefox and Cruzer Contour Help

I have a new Sandisk Cruzer Contour 8gb.....I installed Firefox 2.004 and also installed a few add-on's through Mozilla's website. Well I use my contour on a few different computers and everytime I plug into a different computer firefox resets itself and I lose all of my settings and I can't see my add-on's.
The same thing happens with Google toolbar. When I plug into a different PC i lose the toolbar.

they strange part is that all my add-ons show up once i install a new add-on. For example, lets say I install 4 add-ons on one PC. Then I go to another PC, plug the U3 in, start FF, and it looks like a fresh install. Until I go an install another add-on (which makes it 5 add-ons, stay with my I know this gets confusing) and as soon as FF restarts, not only does add-on #5 show up, but the other 4 as well. This is the part that is stumping me the most.Everything is installed on the U3 but for some reason I can't see it until I go to install another add-on.

I have installed FF from the U3 launchpad (by clicking on the download programs button, and going through there web portal)

has anyone experienced this and perhaps has a solution?

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The current Firefox posted on U3 was NOT packaged by (though it is entirely based on my own code) and is completely unsupported. You're entirely on your own.

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my apologizes, I did not

my apologizes, I did not realize that was the case. I'm very frustrated with my current FF, and if you version doesn't have this problem, I'd like to download it. However I don't want the entire suite. How do I just download FF for U3?

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You don't have to download

You don't have to download FF for U3, just download FF Portable, and use SmithTech's Shortcut Creator for U3.



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I use a SanDisk Titanium

I use a SanDisk Titanium 4GB. When I updated to Firefox I also had problems with extensions not working properly. I attributed the problems to the fact that I installed over I backed up my bookmarks, removed Firefox completely, and did a fresh install of which then updated to I haven't had any problems since then.

If you have a SanDisk flash drive you should have two Add Programs options in your U3 menu. One to go to the U3 Download Central site, which currently has v2.0.0.3 and the other to go to SanDisk U3 Download Central, which still has v1.5.0.70 crediting PortableApps dot com. Take your pick and do a fresh install.

Hope this helps in some way.

I thought Portable Firefox was open source? So you guys won't support U3 Firefox v2.0 because SanDisk did the upgrade without giving Haller credit on the web site? Well, if 2.0 for U3 wasn't getting done here, how long were we customers supposed to wait for it?


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Firefox is Open source

but the names "Firefox", "Mozilla" and some other are trademarked so you cant use them without asking John T. Haller made a new agreement with and would have to redo Firefox and Thunderbird for U3, in addition to that he had some difficulties with and lots of other stuff to do and so he basically stopped his involvement with U3.
To be on the safe side and up-to-date, it is best to use a standard copy and the ShortcutCreator.
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i'll give it a shot, thank

i'll give it a shot, thank you!!

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about the exteensions

Also, what extensions aren't working? Sometimes they aren't updated yet for the newer version. I know I've had problems like that before, which is like why I haven't moved to Thunderbird 2.004 yet, waiting for specific add-ons to get updated.
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UPDATE, for those that care

UPDATE, for those that care (may not be many) I accidentally tripped into the solution. For another reason all together I changed the drive letter of the U3 partition on all 3 computers I use to the same letter. Now all my add-ons show exactly the same on each computer. There is still obviously a problem, but at least I have some what of a solution. Based on all this, can anyone think of what might be causing the original problem?

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