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Yippee! Library's Using Linux!

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Patrick Patience
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Yippee! Library's Using Linux!

So, I went to the Library, cause I'm cool like that. And it's like "Internet", so I'm like, sweet. I sat down, I clicked on the little "Applications and Internet" button, and it logged me into a profile. I notice the Windows theme is different, thinking, hmm, that's odd, I library using custom themes. Then I see click the "Start Here" (Menu) button. It brings up the program list. writer, no way, that's sweet I think.

More and more open-source programs begin popping out at me. Then I realize, omgosh, the library's using Linux. How sick is that. They gave up Windows and MS Office, which they already had, to replace with Linux.


Anybody have similar "Public Places Going Open-Source Stories"?

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Public Library running Linux

In the town where I work the public library has been running Linux for 2 or 3 years. Last time I was there they were allowing Firefox and OpenOffice only. I think they were using some type of shadow file for the users' desktop - email your files to yourself or lose them when you log out.



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Mine is too...

...and it is really annoying. The computer's are incredibly slow!!!! they all run off one server (the reason I know this is because I help them manage it). And another annoying thing is that even though the computers have usb ports my drive WON'T WORK ON THEM!!!
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