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Flash Download Error

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Anonymous (not verified)
Flash Download Error

I'm trying to install Flash onto my PFF installation. I've added the site to the whitelist and when I try to download the extension as per the instructions at, I get "Firefox could not install the file at because: Download error".

I've tried using the likes of MozRegKey, downloading the installer manually and installing directly to the plugins folder, copying the necessary dll to the plugins folder (which is only Flash 6) and still having no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

beans (not verified)
Update: I used MozRegKey,

Update: I used MozRegKey, then used the standalone installer which then worked. But if the extension URL in the support page doesn't work, that might cause headaches for new users.

John T. Haller
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It works... but

It has the extension issue bug in FF when cache is disabled as mentioned in known issues. You need to download it locally and then do a file-open or temporarily enable cache.

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beans (not verified)
I did the file-open

I did the file-open technique, but it didn't work as it was supposed to...odd.

Oh well. Gonna play around with it on other computers - finding it handy when doing compatibility testing when designing webpages. Smile

amdavidson (not verified)
It didnt work for me either.

It didnt work for me either. After saving the XPI to my flash drive and then opening it with portable firefox it said "Firefox could not download the file at /path/to/file because: script error"

If anyone has any tips it would be great, the computers at my univ don't have flash install which blocks the use of many websites I need to access to run my club.

cmgoetz (not verified)
Same here, didnt work!

I get the because: Download Error when I try and click the link on the website. Then when I try and download it and go to file then open I get the because: Script Error problem! This sucks. Hope someone can figure something out.

beans (not verified)
Let's see if I can remember...

It's been a month since I tried it, so I might be off.

Get hold of MozRegKey and create the registry entry for PFF. Then download the executable of the extension from Macromedias website (though you could try the extension if you wanted). The installer should pick up PFF and install the plugins for you. Afterwards, use MozRegKey to remove the reigstry entry and you should be fine.

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