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USB Icon Randomizer

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USB Icon Randomizer

i made this program to change the icon for your usb everytime you plug it in. so you put a whole bunch of icons for you usb in one folder and it'll automatically shuffle through every time this program is ran.

just configure the USBIR.ini file. you don't hav to make PAM autorun this. because when you configured the USBIR.ini file you are required to type in the progrma to autorun. this little program will automatically launch itself and the program u set to autorun. like for example PAM. dump the content of the zip to the root of your USB

remember to run it once if it's the first time it's used. so it can creat the autorun file.


source included, try and improve it if you can Biggrin and repost it here. oh yeh btw i used AutoIT for it.

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Nice little utility. Working

Nice little utility. Working well so far.
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