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why PStart and not Y'z dock

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why PStart and not Y'z dock

it's a mac os like dock it's nice it's very nice it's portable and it is free.
it also has cpu monitor and a clock that u can add to the dock.
i suggest this to john to include it with the suites.
A free program launcher like the dock in MacOS X.

In order to add icons, drag and drop a file (.exe, shortcut, etc.) straight from Explorer to the dock area.

In order to delete an icon, drag and drop the icon out of dock. Place the PNG images for your icons in the icons folder.

Right-click on the icons in the dock, choose 'Property' and choose your icons images there. Right-click anywhere on your dock background and choose 'Setting' to change the settings that apply to the dock itself.

more information and screnshots

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Few reasons:

1. It isn't portable
2. It isn't open source (So I can't alter or host it to make it portable)
3. It is no longer supported (It's been a dead project since Sep 2004)

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