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GIMP Portable 2.2.16 Pre-Release 1 (Testers Needed)

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John T. Haller
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GIMP Portable 2.2.16 Pre-Release 1 (Testers Needed)

Final version released, topic locked:

This is just a minor GIMP update, but it's using the new installer script that calculates free space accurately and this is the first app with options (you can choose whether or not it uses translations) to do so, so I wanted to have folks give it a quick test before releasing.

In particular, try it out doing upgrades on nearly full drives that may be able to handle it with or without the translations included.

Download GIMP Portable 2.2.16 Pre-Release 1
(may take a few minutes to hit the download servers)

Please post back your findings.


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upgrade went perfect. i did not install language packs and my drive did have plenty of space. when i get home i will try a drive with out space and let you know.

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Works great

Leaves nothing.
And I tested it on a drive with 40 and 30 mb free space and it sucessfully stopped me from installing the translations when I didnt have enough free space.
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