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I'd like to see Portable GIMP; as well, I'd like to see the portable loader able to recognize that GTK+ is in ../lib/gtk+-2.0 instead of PortableAppname/lib/gtk+-2.0. This would allow for installation of Portable Gaim and Portable GIMP using the same GTK+.

GIMP would be awesome to show off to people. It really demonstrates a powerful software application that people can identify with.

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Try the method provided to

Try the method provided to in this link to make gimp portable

I did not tested it myself.

345 portable applications:

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GIMP insists on installing a user directory on Hard Drive

The instructions that are written on the page you referred to state that you can just unzip the files - but you can't!

It's a windows installation file that you download. It'll install to a USB drive - but when running GIMP for the first time, it insists on creating directories (brushes, fonts, patterns, et al) in the user's documents and settings directory.

Even if you go into the program after installation and point those folders to a folder on the USB key, it will stop working if you delete the folders in the user's documents folder, and insist on re-creating them.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

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It works...

If one can't wait until a viable portablegimp version exists..... I can say that I tried the method outlined by Albator.... and things seemed to work quite well. I did however have to start with a batch file to set some environment variables.

Ever used USB "downunder"?

Ever used USB "downunder"?

Rob Loach
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Portable GIMP

John is actually planning to release this sometime in the near future.

Rob Loach [Website] [Projects]

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