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Synk sunbird whith microsoft outlook 2003 ?

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Synk sunbird whith microsoft outlook 2003 ?


How can i get that to work?
Outlook 2003 ----> sunbird on USB stick ?

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1. I'm not a native English speaker, so are many of the readers here... so please... speak plain English so we can all understand you... and help you if we can... or comment...

2. No, you can't... try looking on Mozilla's web pages but I have been looking for a couple of years and can't find anything... you can import and export, but not sync.

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There may, finally, be an answer.

I don't know of any direct solutions, but indirect can work, too. syncs your Outlook with their website (handles address book, calendar, and notes). The old version couldn't sync with much other than Outlook and the Thunderbird address book. The new version of the site, however, is in preview right now, and claims to work with Google Calendar. So far, it doesn't work (I've been having an ongoing email conversation with their tech support on the subject), but they claim to have their engineers working on the problem.

So hopefully, soon you'll be able to go from Outlook to Plaxo, Plaxo to Google Calendar, and then use the Provider for Google Calendar extension to link Google Calendar to Sunbird or Lightning.

I believe there are direct Outlook to Google Calendar sync apps available, but the only one I tried (syncmycal) never worked right for me, and I don't know of any free ones.

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