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Pidgin: How to change the gtk theme?

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Pidgin: How to change the gtk theme?

The default gaim/pidgin skin is not very beautifully.

I did read that and found some other skins. But I have no idea where to place those skins? Someone explain please.

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Try this.....

Hello, ips. I managed to get it to change by doing the steps below.

  1. Install PidginPortable on your USB drive

  2. Install Pidgin 2.02 on your "home" PC. This will also install GTK.
  3. Copy this file from your "home" PC:

    x:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin\gtkthemeselector.exe

    to this folder on your USB stick:


  4. For any theme you wish to use, make a new folder inside of


    and inside THAT new folder, make a folder called


    to hold the gtkrc file and any and all image files.

    --- ...\GTK\share\themes\
    --- ...\GTK\share\themes\mynewtheme\
    --- ...\GTK\share\themes\mynewtheme\gtk-2.0

  5. Execute the program you moved in Step 3 and select the theme.

  6. Run Portable Pidgin.

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