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GIMP portable works okay for editing images already saved as standard image files on my computer.
I am running Windows XP Professional and I have two different (Microtek and Hewlett-Packard) flatbed scanners I use at different times to acquire document images.
When I try to use the 'File-Acquire-TWAIN' function to acquire images with either scanner connected and turned on, a small window titled 'Select Source (Not Responding)' appears and GIMP locks up.
When I select the red 'X' in the upper right corner of the small window, an error message appears:
GIMP Message

Plug-In crashed: "twain.exe"

The dying Plug-In may have messed up GIMP's internal state.
You may want to save your images and restart GIMP to be on the safe side.

I can acquire images directly from any scanner I own using the TWAIN acquire functions from other image manipulation software programs such as Photoshop without problem.
I would like to avoid a separate operation to scan and save images from a scanner using other software before editing those saved images with GIMP.

John T. Haller
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Try Local?

Did you try a local copy of GIMP to see if its something specific to the portable package? That would be my first recommendation. If TWAIN fails on local GIMP, then you'd need to ask them. If it fails only portably, then we'd have to figure out why (because it's compressed? settings issue? path?).

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I installed the local version of GIMP and experienced the exact same TWAIN acquire problem. So it is a general GIMP problem instead of a portable app peculiar problem. The Microtek ScanMaker 6400XL has a SCSI interface and the Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 8250 has a USB interface. When I have some spare time I will experiment with removing the Microtek and Hewlett-Packard drivers to see if it is something peculiar to the device drivers.

Ryan McCue
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In that case, it's a GIMP/GTK issue and you should ask them. (If they have forums)
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My system is also XP Pro SP2

My system is also XP Pro SP2 with a (USB) HP flatbed scanner. Using GIMP Portable v 2.2.16, File-Acquire-Twain, images are successfully obtained without any error messages. Are your scanners also USB devices connected directly to your PC?

Have you tried a fresh download and additional install of a 2nd copy of GIMP Portable? Two copies on your Hard Disk would guard against file corruption.

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Twain plugin crash

Using Windows XP SP1 and hp psc 1210, the plugin worked without problems. However using Windows 2000 and an older Mustek 1200 Scanner, twain plugin crashed als described by you. Therefore, the problem does not seem to be a download error. The plugin seems to be not able to handle older twain versions. I tested Irfanview 4 too. It had no problems under the same conditions.

Greetings from Germany

Thank you for helping me.

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