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Folder Icon's Disappearing

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Folder Icon's Disappearing

I use Synctoy as a way to backup my portable drive (I simply back up the entire drive so I don't have to reinstall each program as well as any data I have on the drive). So yesterday I decided to test out my backup. I made a backup (using echo mode) then proceded to format the drive and lastly copy and pasting all of the files and folders from the backed up folder to my drive.

Everything worked perfectly except the folder icons for portable apps, documents, music, videos, and pictures did not show up. Not the Icons for the PA menu, but the icons on the folders when viewing the drive through Windows explorer. The desktop.ini files were backed up as well and recopied. I even double checked the paths in the desktop.ini files and they were all correct and pointing to the correct folder.

So, are some properties of .ini files or folders changed when they are backed up/copied or possibly when the folders were reinstalled onto the drive? Is there anyway I can make sure this doesn't happen in the future (I really like my icons :P)


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I had the same problem once

And I simply reinstalled the menu and it worked.
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It personally sounds to me like Window's icon cache is getting screwed up (it does it a lot).
Try restarting your computer and/or reinstalling PAM and any custom themes. Also, make sure that PortableApps\PortableAppsMenu\App\DefaultData has icons etc. in there (or a sub-folder, I can't remember).
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I have found that the

I have found that the desktop.ini files are not the only component of custom folder icons. When you customize a folder icon through the Explorer UI, it probably flushes the cache of the existing folder icon so when it reloads it displays the correct icon. Rebooting should fix this, or forcing this flush by customizing the folder using the UI and just selecting the same icon.

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Dont forget folder attribute!

Folder attribute MUST be set to Read-Only to allow the use of DESKTOP.INI
Open a command prompt.
Type (without quote) : attrib +r FOLDERNAME" from the path containing the folder.

Sometime, when you make copy of such folders, the attribute is lost, losing the icon at the same time.

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