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paf.exe and work firewall

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paf.exe and work firewall

Could the released Portable Apps be zipped? - Drives me nuts waiting to get home from work to try them out as our work firewall blocks exes but not zips - :/

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Back 1/2 a year

we had all Apps as exes and zips but after John switched to the new NSIS based installers, the zip format was dropped as NSIS has more functionality like specifically deleting old/unused/incompatible files and calculating free disk space and letting you chose the languages (GIMP).
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John's said before he's not doing it and that's final.
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How about a different

How about a different extension?

Even myPortableApp.exe.paf (this would also prevent a double click from running it tho...)

Then the user just renames it?

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Not very user friendly

That's not very user friendly for the 99.9% of people who can download EXEs, is it?

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What about if you "Save As" *.zip?

I don't know what browser you use at work, but in Firefox, when you download a file, a dialog box appears that allows you to change the name of the file; it also has a dropdown for "Save as type", which defaults to "Application" when you download an exe.

If you change the name of, for example, winMd5Sum_Portable_1.0.1.55.paf.exe to, and change "Save as type" to "All files", does it allow you to download?

If so, make sure you change it back to winMd5Sum_Portable_1.0.1.55.paf.exe before you run it!

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Proxy would still block the

Proxy would still block the exe - Didn't know it had been discussed before, it was just a thought I'll just wait until I get home in frustration Wink

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