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VPN Client on flash drive

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VPN Client on flash drive

Hi All,

Is there a way to run a VPN client from a flash drive - ProtableApps or U3 (preferably PA)? I need to do this for when I am on-call.


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OpenVPN is my choice, but there is an important caveat:

- The TAP driver can be easily installed using the included command line tools from a batch file, just remember to uninstall it when you are done! I wrote a batch file to easily install a driver, launch OpenVPN, and then uninstall the driver when it closes, but sometimes I forget and just close the window which kills the batch file...

Keep in mind this uses the command line version, but you could also use the now-included GUI I suppose, and this would have the advantage of not killing the batch file when the program is closed. However the GUI uses a couple non-important registry settings... the command line version does not use any, to my knowledge. All config files are kept in the application directory.

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2 portable OpenVPN possiblities...

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